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Dok Ngio – dried kapok flower stamens

Dok Ngio – dried kapok flower stamens

“Dok Ngio” is the name in Thai for the dried stamens from the flowers of the kapok tree, Bombax Ceiba.

It is a signature ingredient of the “Nam Ngiao” northern Thai noodle soup and also used in “Gaeng Khae” curry.

You can read my post about collecting the flowers, and leaving them to dry by clicking here: The kapok flowers are in bloom!

Dried kapok flower stamens on basketThis is how the stamens look after drying in the sun for 3 to 4 days. No other procedure than sun drying is needed. They are then packed in a plastic bag or jar, and ready for use.

You don’t actually eat Dok Ngio – the dried stamens only serve as a taste-giver. So just remove them before serving or eating.

Since this ingredient is mainly a thing of the north, you can buy it at nearly all markets in the northern regions of Thailand. But it is most likely very difficult to come across in the south or outside Thailand. If you can’t find it, it is possible to leave it out. It adds a distinct earthy flavor and also contributes to the texture of soups and stews, but most dishes will be fine without it, thanks to the abundance of other spices and herbs, that usually combine in making a Thai dish.

However, if you are determined to try cooking with this ingredient, I am more than happy to send you some – free of charge. Just leave me a message at: with your address, and I will mail some to you.

The only thing, I would like to ask in return, is for you to leave a comment on my blog, sharing your experience of cooking with Dok Ngio. I would love to hear, what you think about it!

Recipes using Dok Ngio:

Khanom Jin Nam Ngiao – pork rib noodle soup w/tomatoes


Dried kapok flower stamens hanging

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