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A bit of info about Miss S – the Thai Cooking Guide:

I have lived in northern Thailand for more than 8 years, eating a great deal of Thai food during that time. For years, I was just eating away without paying much attention to the ingredients going into it nor how it was made. A few times at the beginning of my stay, I went to a Thai cooking class, which was interesting and fun. And I cooked a bit with family and friends at their request, when traveling home on visits. But I still never really cooked Thai food at home. Food is readily available everywhere you go in Thailand, so most often it seemed easier to buy some, rather than experiment with cooking it myself.

At a certain point, there was a chance I might have to leave Thailand. And I thought….. what am I going to do in the future, if I get a sudden craving for Thai food? I mean, real Thai food! I decided that the best way forward would be to learn how to cook it myself.

It has been a great experience. With good reason, Thais are very proud of their cuisine. So when someone shows an interest in learning how to cook Thai, they are eager to answer your questions and teach you how. This has lead to some wonderful friendships along the way. I am not at the end of the road yet! The Thai cuisine is so vast that I think you could easily eat something new every day of the year, and still not taste it all. But I have come a long way, and would like to share my knowledge with you!

I know from my own experience how overwhelming the thought of cooking Thai can seem: a whole new range of ingredients, different cooking methods, unfamiliar tastes. My goal is to bring you great, authentic recipes and guide you through the cooking process, so that Thai food will be a regular in your home kitchen, instead of just something you occasionally eat in a restaurant or on holiday.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will do everything I possibly can to guide and help you out.

You are also welcome to leave comments about your experiences with cooking Thai. Or send me any requests you might have for a specific dish, and I will strive to bring it up in a future post.

All the best,

Miss S

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